November 30, 2022

24 thoughts on “Gái Xinh Bắt Nạt Nhân Viên Mới, Cái Kết Đụng Trúng Vợ Sắp Cưới Của Sếp Tổng | Chủ Tịch Tập 2 – Bloggiaidap

  1. Good storyline, Thang should have been more aware of his staff behavior, Thu told him but he had to see for himself. Ly and Ngoc could have ruined the reputation of the company with their behavior.

  2. Work is made easy and done properly if you work as a team . A newbie can finish the task well with the help of senior staff.
    Do not bully a newbie… She can work better than the oldies.
    Thank you Hamtv ❤️

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