November 30, 2022

46 thoughts on “Gái Xinh Ép Nhân Viên Đi Xem Mắt Hộ, Ai Ngờ Gặp Trúng Chủ Tịch Và Cái Kết | Chuyện Của Trang Tập 205 – Bloggiaidap

  1. I am glad Hoang and Trang are back on the screen together. I almost got rid of subscribing because Hoang has been gone. Now though I do not have to and yes, thank you for the english script. I have been learning different languages and I can start again with Vietnamese. Thank you ham tv and hoang and trang you are all so great!

  2. Just wanted to mention. Trang and Hoang are my favourite, love them together. But we can't forget about Sang who plays his part very well. He is a great actor and can play any part you give him

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